India is home to many minds that abhor the monotonicity of daily routine, and these minds crave frequent doses of mental exuberance. What better place to get one than at the best technical summit in India? Amalthea Events is a coven for all the innovative people to test, learn and brush up their skill sets on various subjects. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an amateur or an expert; Amalthea has a special place for you that we guarantee you’ll never regret accepting. We at Amalthea have a profuse list of events you can participate in and enjoy. We are excited to be offline once again!


RoboQuest: Team Amalthea, in collaboration with the Mean Mechanics club of IIT Gandhinagar, is back with its flagship robotics event Roboquest, and this time it's even bigger and better, with challenging tasks like never before. It is a perfect platform for robotics enthusiasts to showcase their skills and leave their mark in the world of Robotics. It doesn't matter even if you are a novice or intermediate; this event will pave the way for you to enter this mega world.

BrainWiz: BrainWiz is Amalthea's scientific endeavor for students of classes 9 to 12. As a competition that tests the student's logical and analytical abilities, it aims to provide participants with an actual insight into engineering. It will also bestow them with an incredible chance to interact with IIT-GN professors and alumni, the experts in their fields.

ICon: ICon, Innovation Conference, is one of the flagship events of Amalthea. Boosting the growing startup culture, ICon aims to uplift creative and unique entrepreneurial ideas from the brightest brains in the country. Experts and industry leaders will judge these ideas based on their uniqueness and ingenuity.

CryptoRush: CryptoRush is a mock cryptocurrency trading event. It aims to give its participants a chance to try cryptocurrency trading without any risk. CryptoRush is an event based on the prevailing concept of cryptocurrency trading. It intends to provide participants with a platform to showcase their trading skills by simulating a mock trading environment.

D'code: D'Code is a Competitive Programming contest for emulous coders. We intend to continue its legacy by conducting it as a rigorous-rated event in a time-bound structure and checking the participant's analytical and algorithmic skills.

Drone Racing Amalthea: DRA is a night aerial racing event that allures drone enthusiasts to showcase their drone racing skills and compete with the best pilots across the country. The event’s highlight is its track consisting of various hurdles and hoops through which the drones will be maneuvered.


GameJam: In Game Jam, budding developers will try to imagine new games based on a theme within the timeframe of just a month. Last year it was one of the most successful events at Amalthea, witnessing International record participation.

QuikWit: On one of the most popular social media sites, Instagram, a quiz was given to test your dexterity with the keyboard and mental acuity. It covered a wide range of subjects, including general knowledge, math, movies, coding, and much more!

TechShorts: Reinventing Reels! Participants try to explain or demonstrate a technical phenomenon via a short video. With uniqueness and creativity, earn extra points.

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